08/10/17 Western Mongolia part 1: The day the exhaust fell off

We arrived in Kosch-Agatsch at night, a quiet town with not much going on. Santiago from the boat is already at the hostel to greet us with a great dinner also. And we are all hyped with anticipation that tomorrow we head into Mongolia. The crossing takes all day. On the Russian side we are... Continue Reading →


05/10/17 The Trans-Siberian roadway

And so the journey through Siberia begins... Almost immediately the road surface improved, a stark contrast to many Kazakh roads. Having crossed at midnight it was pitch black and bitterly cold. Arriving in Omsk, we turned up to a hotel...which didn't seem to exist. So exhausted we slept in the car outside. That morning we... Continue Reading →

01/10/2017 Into Russia

The road from Astana to the Russian border was perfect, Nazarbyev has clearly chosen his friends in the region (even moving the capital to be closer to Russia). With a quick stop at lake Burabay we didn't stop much. We crossed late at night (Petropavl-Omsk) and the border controls were quiet. A very quick affair... Continue Reading →

25/09/17 Kyrgyzstan WOW

So we finally got that wow feeling within minutes of crossing the border. The west of Kazakstan was mile after mile of desert, leaving us without that excitement we craved. The border crossing at Taraz was super easy with stamps both ends, a cursory check of the car and minimal hassle. Having said that we... Continue Reading →

20/09/17 Kazakh cops

Having made it almost a week without being pulled over by the police, we were due for our share of it. Simon and Daveena had warned us that they were pulled over at least twice a day in their conspicuous van, and Simon had spend at least an hour a day in the police cars.... Continue Reading →

06/09/17 Georgia

After reading many reports online we expected a long wait at the border (some say up to 6 hours). Just outside of Sarpi was the border just beyond one of the many tunnels. At first glance the queue wasn't too long with only a few cars lined up by the goodbye Turkey sign, however we... Continue Reading →

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