23/11/17 The final post

20,066 miles 19 countries 25 border crossings too many police stops to count What a journey! more impressively: 0 punctures 0 crashes 0 muggings 3-4 bribes We've met the most wonderful people; seen the most beautiful countries; and i can't wait to go again!

21/11/2017 The Baltic states

Estonia A country I have never really thought about before, but beautiful and full of ruins. We found ourselves stopping at well preserved ruins by the road but entry was free and you had the run of the place. Narva castle A very cool border crossing, I felt I should have been on a horse... Continue Reading →

04/11/17 Suzdal: olde idyllic Russia

Suzdal is your quintessential olde Russian town. As part of the golden triangle it is one of those places you can't miss. Fortunately the trans-Siberian train doesn't go through it so it remains more untouched and slightly quieter than other places. We spent a morning exploring its picturesque streets lined with wooden buildings and amazing... Continue Reading →

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