05/10/17 The Trans-Siberian roadway

And so the journey through Siberia begins…

Almost immediately the road surface improved, a stark contrast to many Kazakh roads.

Having crossed at midnight it was pitch black and bitterly cold.

Arriving in Omsk, we turned up to a hotel…which didn’t seem to exist. So exhausted we slept in the car outside.

That morning we found a hotel and crashed out for the day, only briefly appearing for food in the evening.

The next day was forest, more forest and the trans-Siberian road. Like all cities we have visited so far Novosibirsk looks modern; is super clean; and smells great. Having said that it has very little to offer…Or maybe we just didn’t find it.

We made a slight detour to Tomsk, a pretty little student town littered with old wooden buildings. We also got a chance to see the university building, old watch tower and of course Lenin square (no Russian town complete without one). It was a brief stop however as we decided to join up with our fellow traveller-from the boat-Santiago to convoy through Mongolia.

We back tracked to Novosibirsk and onto Biysk (The Scunthorpe of Russia) and onto the best road yet. What was to follow was a drive through gorges; over mountains; and on the best road surface. Our trip through the Altai mountains will be a memorable one.

At the highest it is snowy and below there are beautiful landscapes with mountains and rivers.

And so we pass into Mongolia…

See you soon Russia!

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