05/11/17 The police tried to deport us from Russia

So the story begins with us walking through Moscow’s Gorky park, along the banks of the river. Taking photos along the way, we stopped for a rather impressive official looking building on the other side of the river.

A minute or so later a police car pulled up in front of us. Three guys jumped out, gave us the standard Russian police salute and asked for our documents. They then proceeded to search us (extremely thoroughly).

Having done this we were ushered into the back of the police car. This is where not knowing Russian is a huge problem.

They told us we needed to go with them to register. As we drove they google translated that we would need to go to court tomorrow to pay a fine and then be deported. SHIT!

Anyway through our very basic Russia it turns out they thought our visas had expired. This is because they looked at the registration forms from Ulan-Ude which were some time ago.

They eventually apologised and offered us a lift. We decided to escape.

Warm welcome to moscow.

At least we got to enjoy the red square while it was quiet..

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