13/11/17 Where Russia meets Europe


Moscow was exactly as I expected. This city inspires awe wherever you look. Red square is huge with the kremlin on one side; st basils on the other; national museum on the flank; and the lit up GUM mall. It lives up to its hype and more. We were lucky enough to catch a military parade also. You can even quque up to see Lenin’s waxy ‘body’, followed by the tombstones of the other big hitters.

The kremlin contains cathedral square, which dissapointingly was rammed with tourists. The armoury on the other hand is an amazing museum of quality, not quantity. Exhibits include elaborately decorated bibles, faberge eggs, carriages and thrones.

Other highlights include Tverskaya street, the Bolshoi theatre, and plenty of cathedrals.

We were also lucky enough to catch a Spartak Moscow match.

Izmaylovskiy market was an excellent place to grab souvenirs: everything from Russian dolls to soviet relics.

V. Novgorod

I’m sure this is an amazing place to visit with more cathedrals squeezed into a square than I’ve ever seen and a well preserved kemlin.

Sophia Cathedral within the kremlin is a 1000 years old and very impressive.

Unfortunately it was all closed the day we were there.

St. Petersburg

Does not have the wow factor of Moscow but most Russians seem to prefer it.

The cathedral of the saviour on spilled blood is quite something, pity it was being renovated while we were there.

The highlight was definitely the hermitage where you can spend a whole day getting lost and finding amazing art work and grand rooms.

If you are interested in the history of this city the Peter and Paul fortress is very informative. In the cathedral you can see Peter the Great’s tomb along with other Russian nobles. There is even a little russian space museum.

Other nice places include Smolny cathedral, where you can ascend the bell tower to get a view of the city, and the Alexander Nevsky monastery at the bottom of Nevsky Prospect. Nevsky Prospect is a huge street filled with places to eat and drink.

Leningrad, as it was called then, lay under siege by the nazis. There is a very good museum dedicated to this and the horrors the locals faced.

Russia, it’s been a pleasure.

До свида́ния


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